ROME -- A conclave date has been set and the cardinals are ready to get down to business.

While Cardinals are considering their frontrunners before Tuesday's conclave begins, 11 News Ron Trevino ran into two couples from Sugar Land who are vacationing in Rome.

Peter and Barbara Pane and Jim and Suzy Murray had planned this trip months ago.

They say being in Rome just in time for history to unfold is more than a pleasant surprise.

There are a few downsides to being there at this important time. They were hoping to see the artistic wonder that is the Sistine Chapel, but it closed the very day they arrived.

But they re not complaining. They say it s been the trip of a lifetime.

When asked what are you going to tell people back home about the trip, Barbara Pane said, Our Catholic faith is strong and alive. We need to be proud that we have so much history and a great future.

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