HOUSTON A 13-year-old north Houston girl said her first instinct was to run when a stranger tried to lure her with a gun. It happened Friday afternoon near the corner of San Fernando Drive and Dogwood Tree Street.

Vanessa Pineda said she was on her routine walk home from Stovall Middle School.

She was walking alone in the residential neighborhood and recalled feeling like someone was following her. That intuition proved all too real.

Pineda said a strange man pulled up alongside of her and told her to get in his car. When she didn t comply, she claimed he pointed a gun out of the window.

The guy told me to get in his car, and I said no, and then he put a gun and I ran, explained Pineda.

Pineda said she started running and didn t look back. She remembered being frantic when she got to her home around the corner.

I just get scared and cry. It never happened to me before, she said.

Pineda s aunt called police right away, but by that time, the man had disappeared.

Police came to take a report as parents in the area started finding out about what had happened.

Anybody could just walk by and snatch anybody. Fortunately, the girl was smart enough to run, said neighbor Jose Guzman. If he would ve done something to my babies, I would ve went psycho on him.

Pineda said her aunt has warned her about this sort of situation. That aunt plans on walking the 13-year-old to and from school from here on out.

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