HOUSTON The Coast Guard responded after a major water line broke Wednesday at the intersection of Navigation and Macario Garcia in east Houston.

It happened just before 9 a.m. in front of Fire Station 20. The fire station was surrounded by high water.

Work crews somehow broke a 30-inch water main and flooded the entire intersection.

They just said the water main broke and now there s gas leaking into the water from the gas stations here, said Stephanie Dean.

Ron Sampert, with the U.S Coast Guard could not confirm that information.

We don t know at this point. They just said they saw a sheen in the water and there s a possibility it s going to end up in the ship channel, so we just wanted to make sure we can mitigate as much as possibility, he said.

A law firm had to relocate its workers because of gas fumes.

We don t want to take any chances, and we haven t heard anything from the city yet, so we decided not to take a chance and send them over to the mail office, said Carlos Solis.

Dean expressed concern about how the incident was handled.

I don t think they re handling it quick enough. We have water breaks down here quite a bit, none of them this bad. I ve seen water breaks to for two to three days at a time, she said.

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