HOUSTON Thieves stole a BMW from a woman who got lost Tuesday morning in northwest Houston.

It happened around 5 a.m. near Tidwell and Antoine Drive.

I was carjacked by two hoodlum looking thugs with their pants hanging down, said Jane Georghiou.

She said she had the scare of her life.

I have a BMW convertible, they walked up. I m sure they were drug dealers or something. They said they wanted my money. I said it s yours, take it, she said. It was three seconds, I was lost.

Georghiou said she was on her way to visit her elderly and sickly friend who is in her 90s when she got lost.

I don t see well and it was dark, raining, misting and I was pulling up by a gas station and here they came, she said.

She said she didn t see any weapons, but she wasn t taking any chances. The thieves got away with her 2006 silver convertible BMW and her belongings.

My purse, wallet, the keys to my house, everything, she said. (I fear) they ll come here, they have my address, my phone everything, insurance card, she said.

She said she s thankful that she was able to call her son for help.

I have four phones, because I have AT&T and it doesn t work one to talk, one to dial, she said.

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