GRAND PRAIRIE,Texas Grief has turned to disbelief four days after a motorist left the six-year-old boy he struck to die on the road.

John Raidy had a smile that could light up a room. Now, for the first time, we can tell you more about the car that drove away from the scene.

Police are analyzing a surveillance video over and over trying to enhance the blurry image to learn more about the suspect.

A big clue emerged on Monday as police confirmed to News 8 they are now looking for a four-door Toyota Yaris, a subcompact hatchback.

John's mom was just feet behind him when that car ran him over last Thursday at the corner of North Carrier Parkway and Holiday Hills. She saw it all unfold.

In the midst of sheer terror, a 21-year-old stranger became a saving grace.

When I walked over, the mom grabbed me, just held me, and was crying, so i just held her and prayed with her, said Mandy Lewis. I prayed everything would be OK; I prayed God would do his will, bring comfort to the family, and keep her calm and.

Lewis was driving only a couple of cars behind the vehicle that ran over six-year-old John Raidy. While another witness gave John CPR before paramedics arrived, Lewis gave his mother comfort.

They rejoiced when they saw the little boy open his eyes, but then they saw them close.

Lewis stayed strong for a total stranger.

The only thing I know... I mean, the Lord was with me... that's all I can say, she said.

Grand Prairie police believe they have isolated the car that killed John Raidy on an image from a traffic camera a few blocks away.

I just want them found... that's all I can ask for, Lewis said.

For his life to be snatched like that? He's just an angel, said Adrain Chavez, the father of one of John's classmates.

Chavez and others were drawn to the spot where John Raidy lost his life Monday night.

So was John's grandmother. She recognized Mandy Lewis, offered her thanks and gave her a hug for being there then... and now.


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