AUSTIN, Texas-- There's a new push for gun laws at the State Capitol following this week's shooting at a Houston-area college. One senator is introducing a bill to allow concealed handgun license holders to carry weapons on campus.

Senator Brian Birdwell is pushing the bill. It's similar to a measure which went before lawmakers in the last session but failed. Birdwell is getting support from others in the Senate. Senator Donna Campbell said if the shooter this week had turned the gun on other students, those students should have been allowed to defend themselves.

The gunfire broke out at the Houston-area Lone Star Community College. The Harris County Sheriff's Office said at least 10 shots were fired after a dispute broke out between two men outside the campus library.

The incident is fueling arguments on both sides of the gun issue.

To people like me, who are for [concealed carry], it shows a bigger need for it, but people that are against it, it gives them fuel. I can say another word, it gives them ammunition, to use against us if we're in debate, said Marc Hamlin of Texans for Concealed Guns.

On top of the legislation filed in light of the shooting at Lone Star College, several other bills already filed this session target school security. Last week three lawmakers introduced legislation to give school districts more options in providing security on campus.

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