NEDERLAND, Texas -- Islamic militants raided a natural gas plant in Algeria earlier this week -- taking at least 130 foreign workers hostage.

Algerian special forces launched an offensive to rescue them. Officials say 100 workers are now free, but 12 were killed, including Frederick Buttaccio, of Katy.

Another Texan, Mark Cobb, of Corpus Christi, survived.

Additionally, another man, who grew up outside Beaumont in Nederland, is also reportedly safe and alive.

The man s family in Nederland confirmed the State Department told them Friday morning that he is OK.

The family is not revealing his name for his protection until they know he is no longer a hostage and is safely in American custody.

We know he is 57 years old, and lives with his wife and children in the Houston area.

The family does not want to be interviewed on camera until they know he is safe.

They spoke off camera to our Beaumont affiliate and said, We got a call from the State Department that he's alive and well. He's not on the list of those who are deceased. The family feels better but we won't rest easy until he's home.

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