SAN ATONIO -- The Bexar County Sheriff's Office is investigating a burglary in a west-side neighborhood Thursday morning that was caught on the homeowner's personal security camera.

Two men broke into the home in the Hillcrest subdivision around 10 a.m., stealing close to a dozen wrapped presents and an oak urn containing the remains of the homeowner's father.

The man was an Air Force veteran who died just before Christmas last year.

His daughter had begun making plans to bury his ashes at a veterans cemetery.

It's given me the time to close and to have closure and let the hurt kind of dissipate a little, said the homeowner, who did not want to be identified.

Surveillance footage shows two men getting out of a grey Chevrolet Suburban.

One of the men was holding a paper door hanger.

He walks around looking for jobs. 'Got any work for me to do?' That kind of thing, said the woman, who claims she has seen both men walking in her neighborhood.

The thieves kicked down her front door, then used empty laundry baskets to move the stolen gifts and urn from the house to the getaway car.

The footage shows one of the men dropping a gift on the ground.

The suburban returns a few minutes later, and the man scoops the gift up.

The footage showsa Bexar County Sheriff's deputy arriving a few minutes later.

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