GRANBURY A walk through Sandi Wynne's backyard in Granbury reveals a big danger, and the battle brewing with her homeowners association.

It's over 100 feet long, said Wynne as she pointed to the huge hole on her property. It's about 30 feet wide.

Minor erosion grew into the massive problem after a small creek that ran next to Wynne's home turned into a raging river. It happened in January after several days of heavy rain.

I went out there and the yard was gone, she said.

The homeowner believes a culvert project approved by the Pecan Plantation HOA to protect other neighbors from flooding is to blame.

All that water is now being directed through the culvert, Wynne said. It's just the amount of water. The extra water coming through is what's caused the damage.

She's desperate for a fix, so she dipped into her retirement savings $40,000 for repairs. Wynne wants her HOA to pick up some of the costs.

I feel sad, Wynne said. I get upset because I feel like I'm being taken advantage of.

The attorney representing the HOA, Amy Dunham, sent News 8 a statement:

The Association is thoughtfully considering the claims made by Ms. Wynne at this time. Experts have reviewed the matter and inspected the property. The experts disagree with the position previously stated in a letter from her former attorney. The Association would like to work things out with Ms. Wynne and come to a mutually agreeable resolution. The Board of Directors will be meeting soon to discuss a response to her demands.

Wynne hopes they can work out a deal before it's too late.

If it keeps chipping away, I don't know how big that's going to get, Wynne said.


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