BUFFALO, NY Former Houston Texans defensive end Mario Williams made it very clear earlier this week that is ready to comeback and face his old team.

On Wednesday, he talked about the Texans again, but this time, he had a different tone.

At the end of the day, it was a decision by the general manager made, said Williams. He opened the door, pretty much gave me a one way exit and that was it.

Williams signed a 6-year, $100 million deal with the Buffalo Bills during the off-season.

I wanted to stay there. Fan would come up to me and tell me don t leave and I d say I don t want to want to leave. That was prior to them leaving the door open, said Williams. I never asked to leave. I was basically given the door in a quiet manner and I had no other choice.

Williams was drafted back in 2006 and is the Texans career leader in sacks with 53, forced fumbles with 11 and sacks in a single season with 14.

The 2-time Pro Bowler also talked about putting pressure on his old quarterback.

If I get a chance to hit Matt, oh it s definitely going down, said Williams. You don t want to go in there and hurt anybody, but we re all friends.

Texans left tackle Duane Brown has other ideas.

I m expecting him to turn it up a notch, said Brown. There is a lot being said about him coming back here and I am sure he wants to perform and it s my job to not let him.

The Texans and the Bills will kick-off at noon on Sunday.

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