SAN ANTONIO -- Mayor Julian Castro is defending the city's solar project deal after receiving flak from a national media report that says he's sending jobs overseas.

That's exactly the opposite of what's happening, he said.

The CNN report accuses the mayor of backing a deal that would send hundreds of millions of dollars to South Korean company OCI Solar money that could have been awarded to U.S. companies.

The firm that got this, OCI Solar, is moving it's corporate headquarters to San Antonio, Castro said. It does have a Korean parent company, but the company that we're actually dealing with is American OCI Solar.

Castro said the decision was made based on price, experience and how many jobs would be created in San Antonio.

OCI Solar will provide 400 megawatts of solar energy, which is enough to power 80,000 households, and is expected to stimulate $700 million for the local economy.

Castro had announced the unique solar power plan in January.

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