COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- The Texas A & M campus has reopened after a bomb threat forced officials to evacuate all students, staff and visitors Friday. All scheduled campus activites will resume.

The threat was phoned in sometime around 11:30 a.m. The caller didn't specify a location so the entire campus was evacuated.

The school's official Twitter account tweeted this message: : Bomb threat received for campus in general. Evacuate campus by foot immediately. Do not use a vehicle.

Policesearched each building, one-by-one, but found nothing and lifted the evacuation order around 4 p.m.

Classes and activities were cancelled for the day, and students were asked to head away from campus.Buses were supplied for those who needed transportation. Some churches also opened their doors for students and staff who had nowhere else to go.

Jason Cook said the evacuation was orderly and systematic.

With 50,000 students on campus and 5,000 acres, Jason Cook said the evacuation was a challenge, but everything turned out to be orderly and systematic.

We have a significant number of visitors here, given the LSU game this weekend, and tailgating had already started, Cook said.

Cook didn't want to comment on details about the threat.

Student Ashley Stonecipher spoke with us by phone as sheevacuated.

I was in class and they just had an annoucement over the P.A. to evacuate due to bomb threat and then I got a text message from Code Maroon... and now we're all just walking off campus, said student Ashley Stonecipher.

Student Colton Javicekwasat work when he got the alert. He saideveryone seemed calm as they left the campus.

Yeah, it's not bad. I'm sure it's probably nothing, but you got to take it seriously, Javicek said. Hopefully it's nothing, but you never know. People are crazy these days.

Rick Howard with KAMU Radio said traffic was congested near the campus, but no other apparent problems with the evacuation.

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