HOUSTON InstaBuy is great for anyone who is responsible with their money, but if you re an impulse buyer, don t send me the bill!

InstaBuy is a new tool that s built in to the myShopanian iPhone app. This app lets you scan barcodes or type in product names so you can see who sells it for less on the web. With InstaBuy, you can then buy the item very quickly within just a couple of taps, claims its maker.

InstaBuy s makers say the tool saves your credit card and shipping info in an encrypted format, and it fills out the online shopping forms for you no matter which store you go with.

The makers say they hope InstaBuy will be included on even more mobile sites and other Android-friendly smartphone apps in the near future.

As with any smartphone app or program that saves your personal information, make sure you set a strong password, and read the app reviews to make sure it s legit.

Apps great for shopping:

>> myShopanian with InstaBuy
>> Redlaser scans barcodes to cross compare prices
>> Google scans barcodes AND takes photos of items to identify them & check pricing
>> Amazon iPhone, Android checks not only Amazon s pricing but also the pricing of small business owners across the nation
>>Sherpa smartphone coupons that are great if you end up in a store you didn t plan on visiting

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