PARKERCOUNTY - A .22 caliber revolver that was reported missing about two weeks ago was the weapon used by a teen to kill his sister and mother at their Parker County home, authorities revealed Friday morning.

Sheriff Larry Fowler said the revolver was owned and reported missing by the grandfather of 17-year-old Jacob Evans, the suspect in the shooting deaths of 15-year-old Mallory and 48-year-old Jamie Evans. Fowler said he could not speculate on whether that indicated the murders were planned as early as that date.

Both Evans' sister and mother were shot multiple times at their South Annetta home, located in a gated community near Aledo. In a 911 call made early Thursday morning, the teen calmly told a dispatcher that he shot his family members, saying he had been kind of planning on killing for awhile now.

Evans was arrested and is being held without bond under close supervision. Deputies are checking on the teen every 10 minutes. Fowler says he has been banging his head on the wall of his Parker County jail cell.

He says the teen is still not giving a clear motive for the killings. In the 911 call, Evans told the operator the killings are really going to mess me up in the future.

When asked if he wanted to hurt himself, Evans answered, No, I'm a little freaked out by guns right now.

I definitely don't like myself, he said. I hate the feeling of killing someone. I'm gonna be messed up.

Mrs. Evans was a former teacher and administrator in the Aledo Independent School District. Before her death, she was homeschooling her children.

At the time of the shootings, two of Evans' older sisters were not home and his father was out of town on business.

Investigators are struggling to understand the motive for the murders.

I don't really like peoples' attitude, the teen told the 911 dispatcher when asked why he shot his sister and mother.

It's selfish to say, but they were suffocating me in, in a way, Evans said.

Fowler says the 911 operator who kept Evans calm and on the line while deputies drove to the home will receive a commendation.

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