HOUSTON For the past 11 years, a black lab named Ace was Will Baker s friend and hunting buddy.

He was just a joy to be around, Baker said.

They hunted for doves and ducks up to 30 times each year.

On Thursday, they were headed out for another weekend trip when Baker stopped at a Harbor Freight Store on Federal Road in Channelview.

He said he parked in one of the nearest spots to the store. Ace was in a crate in the back of his 2005 Chevy pickup.

In the 20 minutes Baker was inside the store, his truck disappeared, along with the dog and thousands of dollars in hunting gear.

You kind of had the rug yanked out beneath you, he said.

The store does not have surveillance video and Ace does not have an ID chip. Baker is now hoping someone will soon see his dog.

He doesn t bite, he won t hurt you, he said. I just don t want him to be hurt.

He said he just wants him home.

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