HOUSTON Four bar patrons were shot and at least one killed after a security guard fired his weapon during a fight at a nightclub early Sunday morning, said authorities.

The Bronco Club in the 10000 block of Veterans Memorial near West Road, was still busy at 6:00 a.m.

They were trying to close down for the morning when a disturbance broke out in the parking lot, said Sgt. Ben Beall HCSO Homicide Investigator.

Harris County Sheriff s homicide investigators say that an armed security guard was escorting four customers from the bar when one of them attempted to take his gun.

The guard opened fire, hitting all four men. One died in the parking lot and there other three were taken to area hospitals.

Cases like this where an issue of self-defense has been raised, they are typically referred to the Grand Jury once we have totally completed the investigation, Sgt. Beall said.

The guard did not want to speak with KHOU because he fears retaliation.

It hasn t helped investigators that the owner of the club actually locked up the front door and disappeared. Police had to obtain a search warrant and recruit the help of the fire department in order to get inside the building.

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