HOUSTON Apple revealed its iPhone 5 to the world Wednesday, saying it would be in stores next Friday. There s no doubt there will be long lines for the device, but some tech experts say the new phone plays it safe and doesn t push any limits.

As expected, the new iPhone will be thinner, yet with a taller screen. It also has a smaller connector on the bottom, and Apple says its camera has been revamped to work better in low-light conditions. One of the biggest updates is the fact that it s finally a 4G LTE phone, which means faster Internet.

Android fans were quick to note they ve had 4G for years.

So how does it stack up against the competition?

Here s a quick look at some of the specs compared to popular Android and Windows Phone devices:

Apple iPhone 5
>> Apple iOS
>> 4-inch screen
>> No memory slot
>> 8 MP & 1.2 MP cameras
>> No NFC (mobile payments, wireless data)

Samsung Galaxy 3
>> Android 4.0
>> 4.8-inch screen
>> Expandable memory
>> 8 MP & 1.9 MP cameras
>> Yes, NFC

Nokia Lumia 920
>> Windows Phone 8
>> 4.5-inch screen
>> No memory slot
>> 8.7 MP & 1.2 MP cameras
>> Yes, NFC

(Click here to view a more comprehensive comparisonon

Pricing on both the Apple and Samsung Galaxy start at $200, so the cost is relatively the same. The upcoming Lumia s price hasn t been announced.

So which should you buy?

Unless you know right away you want something non-Apple with a larger screen, I recommend you go to the store and pick up each device you re interested in. Try the same task on each device e.g. take a photo and try to e-mail it. Whichever device feels right to you is the one you should buy.Overall, what you re paying for with Apple isnot the latest and greatest but rather itssmooth styling and easy-to-use operating system.

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