HOUSTON A family searching for their missing mother was fearing the worst Tuesday after learning a woman s body was found in northeast Houston Monday evening.

Texas Equusearch combed through woods and vacant houses Monday looking for Norma Jean Scott, a 48-year-old single mom, who vanished on Thursday. They searched on four-wheelers and on foot to try and find the missing mother.

After several hours, volunteers located a body in a grassy area on Des Chaumes street near Bay. The area is just about a half-mile from Scott s home and directly across the street from her boyfriend s house. Authorities, however, have not confirmed if the remains were hers.

Her family said she would usually call them every day.

That s not like her, said Bridgette Scott, the victim s oldest daughter. She s not just going to leave us. We had plans for this whole weekend. I don t understand.

Norma Scott was last seen by neighbors being dragged out of her home. Her family members are bracing themselves to hear devastating news.

My biggest fear is not finding my mom, but I know I have to come to grasps that she may be dead, Bridgette Scott said. It's getting harder day by day. Days are passing and we just want her home where we can give her a proper burial.

An autopsy was expected to be performed Tuesday.

Norma Scott's ex-boyfriend has been arrested on an unrelated charge.Police do not name him as an official suspect in her disappearance.

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