SAN ANTONIO - It's a spice used to cook Indian food but now it may be key in fighting an epidemic: diabetes.

A new study follows a key ingredient in curry that may keep many from developing type 2 diabetes. That's actually big news in South Texas.

We're diabetes central here in San Antonio, said Dr. Sue Cunningham with the UT Health Science Center.

With kids as young as 9 years old with type 2 diabetes it's no wonder there's a number of studies dedicated to learning more about the disease. The latest focuses on the spice you may already have in your cabinet.

That spice we call curry is really a mixture of spices and one of the main ingredients is turmeric, or tumerin said the doctor.

A registered dietitian and diabetes educator, Cunningham said this latest study published in the Journal Diabetes Care followed people with prediabetes who took capsules containing the spice's main ingredient. Those people were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

This shows that a spice that people might enjoy and might even be like a marker of having a variety of foods and having balance, said Dr. Cunningham.

However, Cunningham said it's not to be looked at as a magic pill . Its just a small component of the bigger picture.

Very important to diabetes management is just meal pattern, said the doctor.

Other foods to incorporate in your diet that may lower your risk of diabetes are: cheese, tree nuts, fruits and even a cup of joe.

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