AUSTIN, Texas-- Four years and $25 million after restoration work began on the Texas Governor's Mansion, it s ready for move-in.

Governor Rick Perry s office says the Governor and Texas First Lady Anita Perry will announce Wednesday morning that they will move back into the mansion in a matter of weeks.

A chain link fence masked by green tarp currently wraps around the entire Mansion grounds. It s hidden the restoration progress from public eyes. However, in June, organizers overseeing the construction offered a tour of the mansion grounds. Crews were seen making final touches including putting furniture and artwork in place and hanging curtains against the windows.

The move will take probably six weeks. It's very complicated. There are a lot of details that have to go into it, explained Dealey Herndon of the State Preservation Board.

It's come a long way from the 2008 devastating fire that tore through nearly every inch of the 150 years historical landmark. Governor Perry vowed then to bring it back to life.

We'll rebuild this magnificent structure so that future generations can stand where we stand today in awe of an extraordinary history, he said.

Security cameras on the Mansion grounds captured video of an arsonist throwing a Molotov cocktail on the front porch of the Governor s Mansion. No charges have been filed. The identity of the arsonist remains unknown.

The $25 million price tag to complete the restoration included more than $1 million in security initiatives, another $319,000 for a rental home during the renovation and more than $40,000 per year in storage for everything that was saved from the Mansion.

Governor Perry and his wife are expected to move in by the end of the month.
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