HOUSTON Rising water damaged homes in Norchester near Cypress Creek on Friday, but homeowners think something more than rain caused their flooding problem.

Brad Hensley installed hardwood floors three months ago.

Throughout the whole house, the whole thing is trashed, Hensley said. I ve got two seven-year-old daughters who are going to have to try to live in this mess. Likely, they ll have to start going back to school when this mess is here. We re both working and we have to try to deal with all this. It s frustrating.

Knee-deep water ruined floors, walls, furniture, carpets and rugs inside several homes. 

Jones Road is above water, but many are calling it the worst flood in Norchester since Tropical Storm Alison.

This is the first time I ve ever seen it like this, Michael Carrico, another homeowner, said.

This isn t a flooding issue, Hensley said. What we re encountering is run-off from all these new developments.

Homeowners blamed new subdivisions built upstream. A retention pond built to handle additional run-off was overflowing Saturday.

They talk about all the improvements they ve done to the Cy Creek watershed and you can look around and see its worsening things, Hensley said. They divert the water through the neighborhood and this is what we get.

Now, frustrated families are now stuck with weeks of restoration.

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