Houston Aman and his 102-year-old auntmanaged to escape safely after theirneighbor slammed intotheir gas meter, causing their home to burst into flames.

Police say the driver, 46-year-old Cleveland Johnson, fled the scene. A quick check of his license plate led them next door to his mother s house, where Johnson was found hiding under his bed.

He was taken into custody and treated for third degree burns, but charges are likely in his future.

Police said Johnson was driving home around 1 a.m. when he couldn t navigate a turn on Crane at Kashmere, ran into his elderly neighbor s yard, then smashed into her house.His car broke through a gas line, which caused a loud explosion.

Homeowner Henry Butler says he and his elderly aunt were sound asleep when the car came crashing into the house.

I heard the explosion, I grabbed her out of the bed and we escaped out of the back door, said Butler.

Firefighters had to turn off the gas before they could extinguish the flames.

Butler says he knows his neighbor well and had a pretty good idea what caused the accident.

He was drunk. He drinks that old cheap alcohol and he always drunk and always running over things, Butler said.

Johnson s mother admitted her son has a problem with alcohol.

Johnson faces charges for fleeing the scene of an accident and police also are checking to see if he was intoxicated. He s been arrested three prior times for drunk driving, according to records.

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