AUSTIN - It's the answer to every couch potato's prayer. A new business in Austin is offering hundreds of food or drink options a click or phone call away.

We got everything, said founder Amanda Guilbeau. Beer, ice, wine, chips, Coke, candy we'll just bring it all to you.

In the storeroom, it's Guilbeau, while behind the wheel is Kristen Klein. Together, they make deliveries all over the city.

We realized this is something Austin needs big time because we're lazy like that, said Guilbeau, smiling.

Lazy would be the last word used for these ladies. Since opening,just in time for summer,neither has had a day off. Both have been too busy making sure the business they poured their savings into pays off.

It's been exciting and scary at the same time, said Guilbeau.

The first rule:Carry everything with an emphasis on local brands.

We have people order wine, just late night munchies.They want pizzas or burritos, Guilbeau explained.

The list doesn't stop there. How about some beer, ice cream, even medicine?

We had this girl order 11:30 at night(asking for)just a pack of nyquil, Guilbeau said. She was so sick and we brought her two.

After Guilbeau takes the order, Klein loads it, then in 30 minutes or less,watch out for Smiley, Couch Potato's delivery car.

First time I saw them I was, you know,this is kind of a novelty, this is a gimmick, said customer Kelly Dodson. Oh man,it's so convenient.

Now Dodson makes the call four-to-five times a week for coffee, Red Bull, anything with caffeine. With a booming business open late nights, the two entrepreneurs could use some caffeine of their own.

I mean, I knew it was going to work, but it's a fun ride, smiled Guilbeau. It's definitely a fun ride.

Right now,Couch Potato covers 15 Austin zip codes and expansion plans are in the works. If they don't have something, they say they'll get it on the online menu in less than a week. To place an order with Couch Potato, just dial 410-LAZY.

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