HOUSTON There have been as many as half a dozen incidences of crime at the Center office complex in southwest Houston since May, and investigators are asking the public for help.

First, a man hid in a bathroom and robbed people at gunpoint. According to police reports, the armed robberies happened twice in the month of May. That suspect is still at large.

As a result, all publicly accessible restrooms in the building were locked.

This month, on June 8 and 11, surveillance cameras captured a young man roaming the halls after hours. He was wearing a baseball hat and carrying a backpack. On those days, tenants reported personal items disappearing from their offices.

Office workers have distributed the photo to the entire complex, and they re asking the public to help identify him. They want to know whether he s the man who s been pilfering from offices, or if he was there for a legitimate reason.

Property management and security officers stated that they are taking the crimes very seriously.

Anyone with information on this person of interest is asked to call Houston police.

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