HOUSTON Neighbors of a retired Baytown firefighter on trial for murder described the man as a bully.

One neighbor said Raul Rodriguez was overheard in his backyard cussing and yelling at his young children.

He was rearing back like he was going to hit the kids in the face, especially the smallest one, said the man who used to live behind Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is on trial for murder in connection with the death of New Caney P.E. teacher Kelly Danaher in May of 2010. The 47-year-old shot Danaher and two others outside a party.

Rodriguez claims this is a case of self defense and said that he pulled the trigger because he was in fear for his life.

On Monday, another neighbor told jurors that he believed Rodriguez had it out for Danaher before the shooting.

Prosecutors have been presenting their case since last Monday. The defense team could start presenting witnesses as early as Tuesday.

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