HOUSTON An unusual roadblock turned some heads on the Pearland Parkway service road at the South Beltway late Thursday.

A 7-foot alligator wandered out of a marshy area and decided to park it on the road. Drivers had to swerve to miss the critter until someone called 911.

The late-night surprise had many doing a double take, and some even stopped to see it up close.

Brittany Hernandez was in the car with her mom when they spotted it.

It s just I ve never seen one, said Hernandez. So it s kind of random. We were just driving in this lane and I saw it. She thought it was a possum and we came back just to look at it.

Diamond Hines and her aunt were on the road at the time, too.

My auntie was driving and she was like I see an alligator, and I was like, no you don t, said Hines. She was like yes I do, so I told her to drive back around and I seen it. I was shocked.

Police shut down two lanes of traffic until officials from Texas Parks and Wildlife showed up and captured the gator.

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