HOUSTON Two workers were rushed to the hospital Tuesday morning after they were overcome by toxic fumes at a business in the Heights.

It happened at the Sullivan Brothers warehouse, near 22nd Street and Lawrence, around 10 a.m.

Firefighters said the men were doing repairs on a 1,000-gallon tank that was sitting on top of a fertilizer truck when they were overcome.

One of the workers got out on his own, but firefighters had to lower themselves into the tank to get the second man out.

Once they got him to the ground, they doused him with water and loaded him into an ambulance.

They brought out a man with a torn shirt, and he was kind of flushed-looking, and they were hosing him down, John Mathews, who lives nearby and witnessed the commotion, said.

Firefighters said they were concerned because exposure to the chemicals can lead to toxicity.

It was a mixture of agriculture stuff we got some readings for hydrogen sulfide on the instruments, the rescue truck used for air-monitoring prior to their entry, one firefighter said.

The names of the workerswere not released, andtheir conditions were not known.

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