HOUSTON It s been one year since the tragic west Houston day care fire that killed four little children and Jessica Tata and the victim s relatives are reflecting on their changed lives.

The families of the dead and injured children said they are still picking up the pieces.

It s been horrible, absolutely horrible, said Tracy Storms, who lost her grandson in the fire at Jackie s Day Care. I wish someone would just let her sit there and burn and feel what my grandson felt.

Her 4-year-old granddaughter survived with injuries.

Kids are not going to look at her right because she looks like Freddy Krueger, she said.

KHOU 11 News spoke with Tata in jail. Her hair was short and her hands were shackled. On the day of the interview, Ash Wednesday, she wore ash on her forehead. She s never celebrated it before, but she s learning about it in jail.

Tata wouldn t talk about the fire, but did speak of her current accommodations, a private cell where she spends almost 24 hours a day.

It s pretty small, she said. Everything I need is in there: toilet, shower. I never come out unless there is a medical emergency.

Tata said strangers come to visit her. She said she doesn t know why, but she thinks some are from church groups.

I don t give them the chance to talk to me, she said politely.

Tata said inmates, and sometimes visitors, shout her name as she walks by not because they know her but know what she s accused of.

When asked about the fire, Tata responded no comment.

She said she would like to talk us about it, but she wants to ask her attorney first.

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