HOUSTON A man who says Michael Berry hit his car in Montrose and left him with $1,800 in repairs spoke with Houston police Monday.

Tuderia Bennett said he watched Berry leave a club in Montrose, then back down the street and smash into the front left side of Bennett s car. Then, Bennett claims Berry just drove away.

Berry is a former city councilman and a popular conservative talk-show host.

Inside the club, the owner told KHOU 11 News that Berry was, in fact, there that night and he has a video that proves it. The video was handed over to HPD.

KHOU 11 News obtained a copy of the video and the police report, but despite the video, the eyewitness and Berry s license plate number, no charges have been filed.

According to Bennett, an HPD accident investigator said there was damage to Berry s SUV, but the damage was more consistent with backing into a cement pole or block than backing into Bennett s car.

Bennett said HPD has opened an internal investigation into how the case has been handled.

HPD would only say that the investigation is ongoing.

Berry s lawyer Dick Deguerin said the story and investigation are not worth a comment.

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