GRAPEVINE, Texas A North Texas Pastor known for his frank talk about sex, marriage, and religion is making headlines after starting what he calls a 24-hour Sexperiment with his wife Friday.

Pastor Ed Young said he is taking his faith to a whole new level, quite literally, by camping out with his wife in a bed on top of Grapevine s Fellowship Church.

On Friday, News 8 was there as Pastor Young and wife Lisa began an event they said will help make their message public about faith and marriage.

Young is promoting a book, and encouraging married couples to quote bring God back into the bed, and to have sex for seven days straight.

It s not the first time he s pushed for the idea, but it is the first time he s braved the cold weather on a Friday morning to sit in a bed for 24 hours.

His critics have said this is way too extreme for a church pastor, and that his message of promoting healthy marriages is too focused on sex.

Young told News 8 it s not a gimmick, but a way, as he explained, to refocus the church on the proper role of the bed and lovemaking. He said that sex is fine within the confines of a marriage centered on God.

Throughout the 24 hour period, Ed and Lisa will be doing live interviews, both in person and via Skype. They will be answering relationship questions live via Twitter and Facebook. And some of Young s most popular teachings about sex and relationships will be highlighted.


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