HOUSTON A cluster of severe storms moved through the Houston area Monday morning, creating dangerous conditions on the roads and dumping several inches of rain.

Hundreds of drivers were strandedby high water throughout Houston, though no area was hit worse than on Highway 288 near the South Loop.

About a dozen drivers were trapped in about four feet of flood water in both the north and southbound lanes.

The highway was closed in both directions as several cars were almost completely submerged in water.

One driver, Tia Ariaga, got her black Dodge Charger stuck in the southbound lanes.

Ariaga and her young son, Bobby, barely made it out after being helped by KHOU 11 News Anchor Kevin Reece, who waked them across the South Loop exit and to the safety of a frontage road.

(It) was very scary, especially when I have the little one with me, you don t know whether to stay in the car because you don t know whether your car s going to be be swept away in the water, Ariaga said.

Ariaga said she knew it was time to get out of the car once the water was at window-level.

I was trying to climb out of the car and put my little one in the passenger seat and said, wait for Mommy. When I got out a big truck came and it knocked him down and I said, that s it we have to get out of here.

More drivers were making the same mistake. The driver of a white BMW chanced the water. She found out later - when she had to escape on foot - that she d driven into the flooded and muddy grassy median, not the flooded pavement.

Most of the stranded drivers had to wait for the water to go down on Highway 288 before tow trucks could haul them away.

The highway has since fully reopened.

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