HOUSTON A rash of burglaries in the Meyerland neighborhood in southwest Houston has some neighbors on edge.

Yes, we re scared, said one lifelong Meyerland resident, who did not want to be identified. This has not gone on before. I don t know why they are picking on us, not that I wish this on someone else, but I d like to catch these guys and get them out of our neighborhood.

According to the Houston Police Department, there have been at least 12 burglaries of homes or apartments in the Meyerland area since the beginning of the month. During the same time period last year, there were eight burglaries.

Investigators confirm they ve seen an uptick of burglaries in the last couple of months. Most are happening in the daylight hours when homeowners are away at work.

The choice now just seems to force the front and back door open, kick-in type robbery with either a foot or a shoulder, said Harris County Precinct 5 Constable Office Asst. Chief Terry Thurman. There have been some cases where the suspect will go and knock on the doors to see if anybody is home. If nobody answers, they go around to the back door and kick the back door open.

The most recent burglary happened Monday around 10 a.m. at a home in the 8900 block of Manhattan.

According to investigators, burglars kicked in the front door, but may have been scared off by an alarm that sounded when they broke in. The suspects got away with a pillow case. Nothing else appears to have been taken from the home.

In other crimes, cash and electronics have been stolen from the homes and apartments.

Be vigilant. Keep the ears and eyes open. If they have alarm systems, keep the alarms activated. If the alarms are monitored, make sure the company has the right law enforcement agency to contact if the alarm goes off, advised Thurman.

At this point, investigators say they don t believe all of the crimes are connected because neighbors have reported seeing different suspicious cars around the area before and after the crime was committed.

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