HOUSTON A former West Point cadet from Houston says Houston police officers were star struck and biased in connection with an alleged beating at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Houston native Richard King claims he was waiting for his family to pick him up outside Terminal C in March when three of LaBelle s bodyguards attacked him.

The bodyguards told officers with the Houston Police Department that King attacked them. They said King tried to get into their limo and threw the first punch.

However, King said he was just waiting for his ride.

As I was on my way out I was on the phone waiting to be picked up by my brother and that is all I remember, he said. I remember waking up the next morning with staples in my head. After that I had to figure out exactly what happened.
The surveillance video shows King talking on the phone before an altercation takes place.

It was shocking... just could not believe that anything like that happened. Almost disturbing in a way, he said.

You can't see what draws them over, but two men begin to push King, eventually appearing to hit him and push him into a concrete pillar. King tries to get up and can't, at least for a while, and even then he is bleeding badly.

King became the suspect, at least according to the original HPD report, the one filed by officers who appear to take pictures with Labelle before she leaves the scene.

King may not remember much but said he will never forget the incident. He said he has had trouble sleeping, concentrating, headaches and his entire life changed.

I have sacrificed so much, and put so much into the last four years, it just seems like it is all down the drain, he said.

King said someone at HPD called the academy and as a result he was removed, forced into a mentorship program that lasts 18 months with an active duty tour likely.

I respect the decision that West Point has made, and just plan on driving on and just giving it my all and whatever happens from here happens from here, he said.

Patty LaBelle and her management team has not commented on any aspect of the case.

But HPD said it has reopened its investigation into what happened that night.

King said he has officially requested that assault and battery charges be filed on three people: the two LaBelle bodyguards and a woman who also appeared to be involved.

King's lawsuit in the case claims that LaBelle actually ordered the bodyguards to attack him.

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