HOUSTON A judge has granted permanent custody of more than 300 animals rescued from a Coryell County property to the Houston SPCA.

The SPCA said the owners of the animals which included more than 200 Rottweilers, two Bengal tigers, two mountain lions, 39 horses, 18 domestic cats, birds and other exotics did not appeal the resolution.

The SPCA said they re currently providing the animals with comfort, medical care and quality nutrition at their facility on Portway Drive. The dogs were being housed in the SPCA s emergency shelter, an area used when a large number of animals are rescued at once.

Some of the female Rottweilers and their pups are recovering in foster care, thanks to many volunteers who stepped forward to help the SPCA meet the overwhelming need.

The horses several of which have given birth since arriving at the SPCA were being housed in the facility s barn and farm animal area, where trained equine staff and veterinarians are overseeing their care.

The mountain lions and tigers are also being housed at the SPCA, with help from the Houston Zoo.

We are pleased to have secured placement for all four of the big cats at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, the first AZA certified sanctuary in the United States, said Patricia Mercer, President of the Houston SPCA.   These once neglected and abused animals will soon journey to Boyd, Texas, to live out the rest their lives in a beautiful and peaceful habitat.

Mercer said the goal of the Houston SPCA is to find new, loving homes for every healthy and behaviorally sound animal that comes through its doors.

The Rottweilers and other domestic animals seized from Coryell County that qualify for adoption will be placed into new homes through the shelter s adoption program and with adoption partners like the American Rottweiler Club, Mercer said.

Any dog that s too sick, injured, facing hospice care or exhibiting treatable behavior issues will be sent to experienced foster homes and rescue groups in cooperation with the American Rottweiler Club.

The Houston SPCA will not release animals deemed to be a danger to children, families or other animals by the medical and behavior staff.

We re proud of the fact that we found loving new homes for over 10,000 animals last year.  That s a lifelong placement for every single healthy and behaviorally sound animal, including 1,000 animals with treatable medical and behavioral conditions, said Mercer.

Anyone interested in adopting an animal from the Houston SPCA can visit

Adoptions are conducted Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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