DALLAS - It was a devastating blow - a Pinkston High football player - paralyzed during a game.

His life and his family's life were forever changed. His mother has been struggling to cope with a home that was suddenly unlivable.

On Saturday, teammates and strangers united to help Jared Williams on his journey to a better life.

As teenagers spent the day digging in the dirt, for Arlenna Williams, they're planting seeds for a better future for her son.

For them to come together and do this is just amazing, she said.

A bad tackle during a high school football game last year paralyzed Jared Williams from the waist down and everything in their life had to change - including their home.

So Williams' classmates launched a campaign called Project 24, named for his jersey number and raised money, enough to build a new wheelchair accessible house in west Dallas.

He can move around, he can go in the kitchen, the cabinets are even low enough for him to wash dishes. Thank you, Jesus, said Williams.

With the inside nearly complete this weekend, they focused on the outside.

Many of the kids don't even know Jared, or even attend his school.

We are all from different teams, but we are all still team players, players coming together as a group, said Darius Lewis.

They're not doing it because they have to, they're doing it because their heart is in the right place. They believe someday I'll be well again and we'll all be out here playing in the yard, Jared Williams said.

Volunteers hope to have the house ready for them, in time for Christmas.


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