HOUSTON -- The gulf oil disaster could have a crippling effect on energy giant BP long after the waters are clear.

Each day in this world, consumers make conscious decisions on where to travel, for example, and where to fill up our cars so we can get there.

With disaster looming in the Gulf and growing bigger by the minute, Val Paget chooses to avoid BP at all costs.

I think about the damage they're doing to the environment. I mean their little green logo didn't cover up what turned out to be the company philosophy, which was backup plan, what's a backup plan? Paget said.

With the accident in the gulf aside there's nothing accidental about the image BP has painstakingly crafted over the past decade.

From the little green logo, to the slogan: Beyond Petroleum, the multi-million dollar green washing campaign -- as it's sometimes referred to -- paid off in spades. In fact, one customer survey in 2007 found that BP had the most environmentally-friendly image of any major oil company.

Then came the spill and before that, the Texas City explosion.

BP has already said it accepts responsibility to clean up the spill, said Tony Shelton, a crisis specialist with Vollmer Public Relations. We just need to hear more of that -- be reassured of that and see less finger pointing in the companies engaged in this.

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