HOUSTON -- The family of a mother of four found dead in the woods last summer wants to know why it took months for authorities to determine it was a homicide.

A homeless woman found 39-year-old Undra Williams body in late June in the 5300 block of Briscoe in southeast Houston. Her clothes were missing and her body was badly decomposed.

I dream about her a lot, like she wants to tell me something, said her stepmother Gayle Williams.

Williams and her husband learned Wednesday morning that the medical examiner ruled their daughter s death a homicide. They were told she was stabbed in the stomach.

What could be so bad that they would do it like that, said her father Eligah Williams. At least I know a little more than I did at first.

But Undra s parents aren t satisfied.

I want it to go a little faster than it is. I want the detective to come and say something instead of just hanging on a little longer than they are, said Undra s father.

A spokesperson for the Houston Police Department didn t immediately return our phone calls regarding this case.

It s just a mystery, said her stepmother. I can t make anything of it.

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