HOUSTON Jurors weighing the death penalty in the trial of Harlem Lewis heard witness describe Lewis crimes inside and outside of the Harris County Jail.

Lewis was convicted of capital murder for killing Bellaire Police Corporal Jimmie Norman and Terry Taylor last Christmas eve.

On day two of Lewis sentencing trial, prosecutors showed jurors photos of the jail s maximum security pod. Lewis is being held there. Detention officers testified that they previously caught Lewis hoarding and hiding pills. They said he also damaged part of his cell door.

One deputy, a member the Harris County Financial Crimes unit, testified that Lewis was part of a fraud scheme while in jail. A woman using stolen credit card numbers fed thousands into jail commissary accounts for five inmates, including Lewis. He got $400. However, Lewis lawyers said he did nothing wrong.

I suppose in the sense that Harlem knew (the people involved) you could blame him, but there s no provision or proof that he was involved in that, said Patrick McCann, Lewis lawyer.

To prove Lewis was involved in violent crime, prosecutors called in victim after victim. They also called on Harlem Lewis best friend. James Branch broke down in tears when asked why he won t write or send his former roommate money. Branch told jurors he and Lewis had roles in three armed robberies. Though, defense attorney s attacked Branch s motivation.

The folks who are testifying about priors show that they are essentially hopefully auditioning for good treatment from the state, McCann said. So, I don t think they re terribly credible.

In the end, it s up to jurors to decide if Lewis is a threat to other inmates and if he should get the death penalty.


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