HOUSTON The parents of a Klein High School student are suing some classmates who created an Instagram page called 2014 Klein Hoes.

Their 16-year-old daughter was in horrified when she discovered her photo had been posted on the page.

She was actually crying. She had her cell phone with Instagram, saying, I can t believe someone has done this to me, said Shellie Tingle-Esquivel. It s changed her life tremendously. \

The mother said the comments posted below her daughter s photo were derogatory and sexually explicit.

I wouldn t even be able to begin to say anything that would even be appropriate to post on TV, she said.

So Tingle-Esquivel and her husband decided to take legal action against the students who created the page.

Their daughter isn t the only victim. Several other students also have photos posted and some of them are nude, which could lead to charges of child pornography.

The page has been taken down, but it s the talk of Klein High School.

All of the most popular girls at school get put on the Klein Hoes page, said Sara Farag, a student, Everybody that s everybody gets put on the page.

Farag said the page was up for about three weeks.

Everybody wants to be on there, but it s so mean what they actually write about the people, she said.

I wouldn t even want to show up to school, said Yada Dhagoya, another Klein student.

Seven minors have been named in the defamation suit.

Tingle-Esquival hopes the lawsuit sends a message.

More needs to be done, legally, more laws need to be put into place on social media bullying, she said.

Klein ISD officials say they are aware of the lawsuit and have met with the students and parents in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

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