HOUSTON The Harris County Constables were on the streets Saturday morning looking to roundup minor offenders with outstanding warrants.

It is part of a multi-agency statewide effort called the 2010 Great Texas Warrant Roundup. In Harris County alone, 200,000 warrants remain outstanding. If all the warrants resulted in full payment of fines and costs, the value would be over $60 million to the state.

Constables are searching for people with Class C warrants, which are minor offenses. Those offenses include no driver s license, no insurance, failure to attend school, and failure to appear in court.

Law enforcement officials have conducted similar roundups for felonies, but they emphasize the importance of settling smaller offenses. Failure to pay up could result in jail time.

It is an arrestable offense, Sgt. Julio Banda told 11 News.

Stephanie Martinez came to Harris County Constable, Precinct 6 on Saturday morning to get information about her husband s outstanding warrants.

We were surprised because we didn t know nothing about them. He was like 17 years old at the time, Martinez told 11 News.

Citizens may pay fines at the Justice Court in which their case is pending.

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