DALLAS It s a family reunion of sorts, at Baylor s cancer center.

The journey starts with Stacy Bockholt.

To see the familiarity of the doctors, nurses it s comforting, she said. I triumphed something, and I m coming back to see where it all happened.

Pregnant and diagnosed with cancer, doctors in Houston told her to terminate her pregnancy. They said it was too risky.

Unwilling to do that, Bockholt turned to Baylor.

There, Dr. Pickett Scruggs created a device to block the radiation from her baby, Kate. Scruggs walked Bockholt through remission and watched her bring a healthy baby girl into this world.

Now 16, Kate is back at Baylor, possibly wanting to become a radiation oncologist herself.

She s shadowing to learn more. But it gets better.

Her mentor is Scruggs son.

We overlapped for one year he came in the front door, I went out the back door, said Dr. Pickett Scruggs.

That s the one thing about oncology, you really get to know the inner part of somebody, said Dr. Granger Scruggs.

Granger Scruggs grew up hearing about Kate s journey, and now their paths cross again.

I called my husband, I said, The circle of life just happened, Bockholt said.

It s a miracle, in a way, Dr. Pickett Scruggs said.

It s rewarding to save people s lives, Kate Bockholt said, because she knows firsthand, they are forever grateful.

Kate also has a jewelry business that raises money to help find a cure for cancer. You can support her business at this link.

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