SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio-based rap group lost one of their own after what family members say was a fist fight.

The Hooligan Boyz played at a Corpus Christi club on Friday night. Police there said after the show, the band went to an Embassy Suites hotel. Early Saturday morning, police received a call that one of the three band members was unconscious.

Officers arrived and found Miguel Silva unconscious on the floor of the hotel room. They started CPR, but it was too late.

Band mate Christopher Garza was arrested that night and charged with murder.

Steven Silva, Miguel s cousin, says a fist-fight broke out between the two in the hotel room.

I forgive you Chris... I really do forgive you, man, but I don't think you had to exceed that limit... you didn't have to push it that far, said Steven Silva in an interview with KENS.

The band has been around since 1999 and prides itself on its San Antonio roots.

Steven says his cousin had just become a dad with the birth of a newborn girl. Miguel leaves behind two sisters as well.

You might see all these tats and all that say Hooligans or say 'Say-Town,' but he just wanted to represent who he was and [represent] San Antonio, says Steven.

Dozens of family and friends gathered near Miguel s house on the south side to remember Silva.

Garza is currently held in the Nueces County Jail in Corpus Christi on a $200,000 bond.

A vigil is planned for this week.
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