HOUSTON -- In a modest but well kept home in southeast Houston, Whitney Malone marvels as she looks into the face of her three-week-old daughter, Kennedy.

When she came, it just made everybody smile and forget about the day before, said Malone, age 17.

The day before, Whitney started having contractions, and rushed with her family to this hospital. That s when they got the call their apartment was on fire. Everything was destroyed, including a year s worth of baby supplies. In a matter of hours they had lost so much and gained even more with Kennedy.

Kennedy is our miracle because if she would have gone into labor that morning we would have been there, said Nikki, Whitney's mother.

Now they re all staying at Whitney s grandmother s house.

With our faith, we know we ll be okay, said Kathy Bell.

She also knew something the others didn t: Whitney and her family made Mattress Mack s Christmas list, receiving a house full of brand new furniture. It will be kept in storage until they find a place to live, but that shouldn t take too long, because Nikki Malone s coworkers have raised $14,000 and counting.

it means a new beginning, she said. I didn t see this coming. I m thankful. I ve got a lot of good friends.

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