SAN ANTONIO -- A 12-year-old boy took San Antonio police on a wild ride Thursday night after stealing his father's Cadillac. By morning, no injuries were reported and the boy was facing felony charges.

Police said an argument between the boy and what ensued after was chaos -- police say the boy hit three cars at the apartment complex in the 5700 block of N. Knoll St., just outside the Medical Center on the northwest side.

Mike Allen, a Chinese-food delivery driver, had to smoke a cigarette after all was said and done.

I thought to myself, I said, 'Oh my god, I'm going to get hit,' Allen said. That's basically the reaction time I had between that and seeing the car coming over to the lane, and was like, 'oh god.'

An off-duty officer witnessed the reckless driving and tried to stop the kid. However, the runaway driver put the car in reverse, rammed into a police cruiser -- pushing it back about 50 feet -- and drove off east on Huebner Road, police said.

Then, after the 12-year-old crossed into oncoming traffic and wrecked the Cadillac, he attempted to evade officers on foot but someone caught up with him and held him down until the San Antonio Police Department arrived.

I've never seen anything like that before in my life.The guy was going well over 80 miles an hour ... I guess I'm lucky that he didn't' hit me flush, Allen explained.

The young driver faces felony criminal-mischief charges. He will also undergo emergency detention to help deal with past mental issues.

Officers said they had information that suggested the boy was off his normal medication.

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