CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Relatives of a 7-month-old who died over the weekend say the boy's 11-year-old brother killed him out of jealousy, and the mother police charged with abuse and involuntary manslaughter wasn't even home when the attack happened.

Relatives say that older brother confessed Monday to police and used a toy doll to show how he dropped 7-month-old Camden Johnson on his head three times Saturday night inside the family home on Suntrace Way in Charlotte.

Monday, police charged Wendy Latwann Johnson with involuntary manslaughter and child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury in her son's death after being questioned by police.

Johnson made her initial appearance in court on those charges Tuesday afternoon.

After that court hearing is when Johnson's mother, Debra Johnson Sanders, said her grandson confessed to police that he dropped Camden on his head three times on purpose, then put Camden back is his crib and poured water on him to try to wake him up.

Sanders says she was with police as they listened to the boy's confession. She says the boy was jealous of the attention Camden received as an infant.

Sanders says her daughter's mistake was leaving Camden alone for 45 minutes with the older son while she ran an errand, but Johnson is not a child abuser or child killer.

The family isn't saying if the 11-year-old is in juvenile custody. Neither are police.

Wendy Johnson is due back in court next week for a bond hearing.

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