HOUSTON -- Getting your iPhone repaired after you drop it one too many times is about to get easier. Also, check out the new smart glasses that may one day help visually impaired people see better. This and more in today s Tech Talk...

== Apple Stores to offer iPhone 5s & 5c repairs ==
Apple is sending special equipment to its stores to assist in the repair of damaged devices. 9to5Mac reports for the first time ever, Apple will soon start offering in-store repairs to speakers, cameras, screens, and other parts of the iPhone 5s and 5c. Earlier this year, Apple started repairing broken screens on the iPhone 5 in-house. In the past, Apple would replace devices outright (when under warranty), while many others opted to go with third-party companies for repairs.

== Smart glasses for the partially blind ==
A company called Assisted Vision says it has developed glasses that enhance whatever a person looks at, making the image clearer and brighter. It works with built-in cameras and tiny OLED displays in the lenses. The company hopes to have the glasses in production by the end of next year. On the web:

== Microsoft reveals more Xbox One details ==
Xbox One s launch is approaching fast, and Microsoft on Friday showed off more features that buyers will have access to on the first day. In a blog post, the company listed non-gaming features of the console, including video apps. Microsoft is working to make the Xbox One much more than a gaming system but rather a complete, all-in-one entertainment device for the living room.

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