HOUSTON There aren t many that have had problems with Texans All-Pro defensive end J.J. Watt during the first couple of years he s been in the league.

Titans center Rob Turner isn t hiding his feelings about #99.

In an interview with The Tennessean newspaper, Turner said the reigning Defensive Player of the Year full of it referring to comments made by Watt after the game on Sunday.

Turner was flagged for a personal foul penalty and then fined this week for a peel-back block he threw in the direction of Watt during the 3rd quarter. Watt, wasn t pleased when asked about it afterwards, saying it was a dirty play.

I m not trying to get my knee blown out. That s why there s a rule in place and it was clearly blatant. You peel back around and you re going towards your own goal line, you know exactly what you re doing and you re going at somebody s knee, Watt said on Sunday. You respect that this is people s job. This is your life and, to go at somebody s knee like that, going back at your own goal line, coming back at them, peeling around, that s just something you don t do.

He wasn t done, saying he talked to Turner after the game.

Yeah I told him, I said, You re clearly trying to take out my knee. He tried to apologize, but you re trying to take out my knee. That s exactly what you re trying to do, Watt said. It s a mutual sign of respect that we have that there s certain things you don t do and that s one of them.

Well Turner, took exception to several things Watt said.

I am a hard-nosed guy and that gets misconstrued sometimes, Turner told the newspaper. I know J.J. was saying all sorts of stuff to the media down there about him (telling me he has) a family to feed and stuff like that, but all that wasn t true and he s full of it for saying it. That was a lie about him talking to me.

And about that exchange after the game?

Whether you call it an apology or whether you call it a professional courtesy, I was trying to say, Hey I wasn t going after you like that, and you can see that on film, Turner said. And it bothered me he made a big stink about it.

For the record, he wouldn t even look at me, and I don t have a problem if you put that in print. In fact, I d encourage you to put that in print and he s full of it by saying that.

The Texans and the Titans will meet again on December 29th, the final game of the 2013 regular season.

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