HOUSTON - Vancouver native Mae Woods has been around the world.

I love to travel, says Woods.

From Europe to Hong Kong, the UH center has seen a lot.

I had been to Asia before, but never India, says Woods.

That is, until two weeks ago.

It was amazing, says Woods. It was definitely an eye opener.

Woods and several students from the University s Bauer College of Business recently traveled to India visiting a variety of US companies seeing how it s done on the other side of the globe.

I think more personally, it was a good experience, more than it was educationally, says Woods. It was definitely one of the best experiences in my life.

The Taj Mahal was a favorite stop and she even talked to India s Vice President about how to better globalize the sport she plays.

I had a great conversation with him about that and they re trying to do the Yao Ming effect like it was in China. They are trying to bring that to India.

The people though, left the biggest impression. Her one on one interaction with families in the slums of Mumbai are images and memories, she ll never forget.

Compared to us, they have nothing but they are still so full of life, says Woods. They were really excited to have us in their homes, like we were honored guests. They haven t seen a lot of tall people, so it was nice to give that back to them.

Just another place to cross off her worldwide list.

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