HARRIS COUNTY, Texas A father was shot dead in his family s driveway during an early-morning robbery in north Harris County Friday. His wife,teenage son and other family members were right inside the home when it happened, according to Harris County Sheriff s deputies.

Family memberssaid Carlos Serrano,48, was on his way to work at 6:20a.m. when he was confronted by two robbersin the driveway of his home in the 100 block of Shayan Court in north Houston.

Family members said the armed men shot Serrano, took his wallet and then shot him some more.

A Harris County Sheriff s Department detective said the man drove off in a car, but they do not have a good description of the car or the culprits.

I just heard about six shots go off, just rapid cause I was thinking to myself, Why are they shooting this early in the morning? said neighbor Jo Anne Huckabay. (Because) you know they do it all the time around here.

Huckabay has lived in the neighborhood for 50 years and said things have taken a turn for the worse. This was the secondhomicide on the street this year, neighbors said.Huckabay said fear of crime won t keep her in the house.

You know what?I tell myself I am not going to let them make a prisoner out of me. You know, because I like to be outside, she said.

Deputies said they don t know why Serranoswas targeted. Neighbors said he was the one who always kept an eye out for crime.

He watched after the people who all lived over there, is what they all told me, another resident said.

Serrano s son-in-law said the victim would only go to work and to church and always talked to us about God.

Never had a dad tell me what to do and give me advice or something, said son-in-law Jorge Porras. He was like my Dad.

The family is hoping that someonewho knows the men responsible for the homicide will contact the Harris County Sheriff s Department with information.

Serrano leaves behind four children, a wife and a young grandson.

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