AUSTIN, Texas-- The Travis County Attorney released more video in connection with the arrest of District Attorney RosemaryLehmberg.

The video begins around 9:45 p.m. Friday, April 12. Travis County Deputies pulled into a church off 620. According to her arrest affidavit, Lehmberg's eyes appeared watery and bloodshot, her speech was slurred and her body was seen swaying.

Lehmberg can be seen stumbling several times during her sobriety tests.

Deputies said Lehmberg seemed disoriented and displayed a range of emotions from excited and cooperative to cocky and insulting.

After her arrest, the DA is seen kicking the back of the seat demanding the deputy remove her handcuffs.

Lehmberg also asked the deputy to call Art Acevedo, the head of the Austin Police Department which was not the arresting agency.

Austinlawyer KerryO'Brien is filing suit against Lehmberg.He wants a judge to force her to resign.

I don't want Ms. Lehmberg to be dragged through the public and embarrassed, but when you hold a position of power you have a responsibility, O'Brien told KVUE.

George and Wanda Holcombe called KVUE to complain.They support Lehmberg and do not believe the video should be aired on television.

I think this is a personal and a political harassment of our district attorney. She did not attest it, she did not try to get time off or anything like that, and then she was treated so poorly afterward, said Wanda Holcombe.

Lehmberg is in the Travis County jail serving a 45-day sentence after pleading guilty to DWI.

As of Monday evening, she remained at the Travis County Justice Complex but was expected to be moved to the Del Valle facility where she will remain in protective custody.

Click here to see more dash camera footage.

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